Other Services

Other Services

Injured and rehabilitating workers will often need help with facilitating workplace or home modifications to fit a new normal. OMNI Case Management has the skilled, trained and certified specialists to perform related services that help facilitate top quality medical case management and vocational rehabilitation in the surrounding states. Contact us to inquire about these and other necessary services.

Telephonic and on-site medical case management and care coordination for injured employees

Ergonomic Analysis

An ergonomic analysis is performed by a trained and certified Occupational Therapist to determine if specific modifications are necessary and can be made to accommodate a worker’s condition after recovering from an injury. Sometimes these can be performed remotely via videoconference. OMNI Case Management has the necessary specialists for office or industrial ergonomics to help create the best possible work environment for various industries and settings.


An Occupational Therapist is often employed to perform a job analysis and provide their findings to an injured and recovering worker’s physician and other stakeholders. This virtual or on-site analysis provides the physician with vital information they will use to formulate decisions about the patient’s ability to return to work in the specific role and environment or if another plan is warranted.

Independent Vocational Evaluations

In cases that have entered litigation, OMNI Case Management specialists are often called upon by defense attorneys or other involved parties to provide an independent assessment of an injured and recovering worker’s vocational abilities. This information is used to influence decisions about disability benefits, possible worker retraining and many other related topics.

Home Modification Assessments

In some cases, the insurer may need to fund certain home modifications if they are necessary for an injured and recovering worker. OMNI Case Management has the Certified Accessibility Specialists and Occupational Therapists who can perform these home modification studies and recommend any necessary changes to improve accessibility, safety and quality of life consistent with MN Statutes.


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