Vocational Rehabilitation

Minnesota Vocational Rehabilitation (QRC)

Unlike many surrounding states, Minnesota combines medical case management and vocational rehabilitation services under a single umbrella. OMNI Care Management provides experienced Qualified Rehabilitation Consultants (QRC) who are well-versed in how Minnesota laws under the Department of Labor and Industry provides these services for injured and rehabilitating workers.

The QRC serves as the on-site coordinator and source of information for all parties, including the patient, employer, insurance company, medical providers and the state Workers’ Compensation Division. They are present for medical provider visits and other therapies to assess progress, make recommendations and provide helpful information to facilitate the best possible care and a timely return to work for the patient.

Under Minnesota law, an injured worker whose total disability exceeds 13 weeks is assigned a registered QRC to create and implement a plan for the worker’s rehabilitation that will return them to gainful employment. This can be a return to the worker’s previous job or a completely new career.

Vocational rehabilitation for industrial workers
Workers compensation vocational rehabilitation for workers injured on the job

Union Construction Workers’ Compensation Program

The Union Construction Workers’ Compensation Program is an alternative dispute resolution program for qualified union contractors. The program is available to union employers whose union is a sponsor of the program. The UCWCP has their own select list of experienced Qualified Rehabilitation Consultants (QRC) to assist injured union members and their contractors. OMNI Case Management has trained QRCs in the Union Construction Workers’ Compensation Program who can effectively facilitate patient care and that meet that organization’s qualifications and guidelines.


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